National Science Foundation Scholars

National Science Foundation Scholars: This program is for students who plan to major in engineering or computer science and intend to transfer into a bachelor’s degree program in one of these fields. Funded by a prestigious National Science Foundation grant, Up to 25 students will be admitted into the prestigious program each year as “NSF Scholars.” NSF Scholars will receive scholarships of up to $8,000. Other federal financial aid will bring the full amount scholars may receive up to $8,000 per year.

High school seniors and current CLC students are eligible to apply for the program. This program is for students whose degree objective is a Bachelor’s of Science. To be considered, applicants must:
•demonstrate financial need, according to federal guidelines (
•be U.S. citizens, refugees or permanent residents
•be enrolled full-time (at least 12 credit hours) with a major in engineering or computer science
•demonstrate academic potential by qualifying for a mathematics class at the College Algebra level or above. Details on how to meet the academic qualifications are included in the application.

Once accepted into the program, scholarships are awarded each semester to students who:
•continue to meet the eligibility requirements above
•meet Academic Standards for Financial Aid Recipients as defined in the CLC Catalog and earn a GPA of 2.5 or better.

If chosen as an NSF scholarship recipient, the recipient will be voluntarily participating in a study to evaluate the effectiveness of tutoring and experiential learning in the Baxter Innovation Lab with respect to developing a sense of belonging and academic self-efficacy. As part of this study, the recipient will be willing to complete surveys periodically and attend tutoring sessions.

De-identified data from this study may be shared with the research community at large to advance science and education. The recipient understands that the college will remove or code any personal information that could identify them before files are shared with other researchers to ensure that, by current scientific standards and known methods, no one will be able to identify the recipient from the information.

Varies up to $8,000.00
Supplemental Questions
  1. If awarded this scholarship, is your intent to be a full-time student while at CLC (12 or more credit hours per semester) and to transfer to a 4-year college/university to complete a Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Computer Science?
  2. What is the highest level of math you are eligible for?
  3. Are you currently employed?
  4. How many hours do you work per week?
  5. If awarded the scholarship, are you willing to enroll in EGR 120 (Introduction to Engineering) Tuesday afternoons 1.5 hours in Spring Semester and come to 2 hours of weekly study sessions (offered between 2-4 p.m. on Tue and Thu)?
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